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“Fragments of Time” is the first photo album of Vassilis Zaverdas that includes black and white photographs from his long journey in the art of photography. These photographs have as their raw material the existing world, but their purpose is not to simply capture it but to transform it and express an inner world. Thus photography functions as a window to the world, a tool for its deeper assimilation but also as a mirror of the self, a means of expression and creation.
Small details, random looks, intense shadows, light and darkness, traces, gestures, unexpected encounters, insignificant events, fleeting moments are the “subject” of Vassilis Zaverdas’ photographs, constitute his photographic universe. Everyday events, seemingly insignificant, are transformed into photographic events through the gaze of the creator who sees them with a new, “foreign” look, as if seeing them for the first time. Simple, everyday things, small pieces of space and time, are charged with new meanings and acquire meaning within the photographic frame. Small snapshots of everyday, ordinary life leave their photographic imprint on time. Because, in the end, photography is nothing more than “the eternal trace of a moment”. And through its immediacy and simplicity it can function as visual poetry.
In the prologue of the book, Plato Rivellis notes: “… Vassilis Zaverdas finds a way to turn representation into regeneration. The lonely creatures in his photographs are both real and mythical. His emotions became photographic intensity. The form of his photographs became rhythm. And all the photos are a fairy tale. With a beginning, a middle but with an open end… “.