Visions, Decoded #02 – in[+]frame

Romani’s cultural diversity as a wonderful observational model is one of the themes of Vassilis Zaverdas’s photography: adults and, especially, children are photographed in their natural and domestic environment and in all the dimensions of its visual otherness. The little girl is standing in front of a geometric composition of materials on a background that by no means would have been chosen by a travelling photographer in order to capture the portrait of the person concerned. The symbol of speed and modernization together with the ‘Sunday’ dress recede triumphantly in front of the makeshift home construction with the colorful bedding. The wheels disappear and are reborn in a shape of a toy, as the girl’s feet, free and naked are those to work, to play, to get tired and to take a rest.

The recording of a child’s bricolage and of the cultural hybridization of the modern era through a black and white look is quite reminiscent of a cinema of observation’s lost frame. Through the expected stranglehold nature of the frame, Zaverdas leverages its cultural polysemy; he touches the otherness in the manner of a good observer, who from the visual chaos, he selects the imprint of a world ready to be devoured by the frozen metal, the functional clothing and rationalism.

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