Interview: Vassilis Zaverdas speaks to in[+]frame

“Photography, for me, is a window as well as a mirror. A window through which I see the world, a means to know the world, but also a mirror of an internal world, a means of expression and creativity”


– Even though you work as a high-school teacher, what is the greatest lesson photography has taught you, as a photographer or even as a person?

I have been taught many and important lessons from been involved in photography. Photography, first of all, is my ‘passport’ for places, situations and people that very often exist out there, far away from my everyday microcosm, familial, professional or social.  In this way photography expands my horizons, it opens new routes and becomes an alternative way of living. The photographic procedure – rather than its results – fills me with joy and at the same time it turns to be a means for paideia.  Furthermore, it keeps me constantly vigilant; it makes me stay tuned to messages from the world and keep “οpen always, always watching, the eyes of my soul”.

– How do you recognize which is the right moment to take a photo?

Photography is the art of observation; finding something interesting in an ordinary place, infilling simple things of everyday life with meaning. However, the acknowledgment of an appropriate ‘click’, comes almost always, after the photographic procedure, during the process of selecting and editing. At that point, you confront the photographic result and sometimes, rare and magical times, you face what you consider to be a good photograph. When you photograph, what you really see is not a picture but life, motion, people.

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